lenten display 2009:

To the right are images from a 2009 project. This was an excellent project for St. Anne's Episcopal of Florida. It introduced a congregation to the possibilities of adding new, seasonal visual elements to the worship setting. The fabric veils were progressively added to the altar space over the weeks of Lent until they obscured the crucifix.

The project was simple and could be replicated in different colors for other seasons--even by those who do not consider themselves artistic.

The first image is of the design proposal which was submitted to the vestry. The others are of the final installation as it looked before Good Friday.

2012 sermon series:

Below the lenten images are photos of another progressive project at Grace Episcopal Church in Florida. Biblical texts were adhered to the columns over a six week period. Some texts were in black, others in white and gray. This was a subtle project that unfolded over time and became more clear over the weeks. One of three rows of the text was added to columns weekly. The sermon series related to the importance of keeping the Word of God before us, as a living part of us.

worship considerations:

Below are links to Tyrus's occasional, downloadable pdf postings about visual elements in the worship space. They offer just a taste of the kind of issues with which he can assist your congregation.

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