creativity coaching & consulting:

Have you received a BA or BFA in art but still feel unprepared to brave the wilds of the art world?

Do you have little or no formal art training but a strong desire to make art, yet no idea how to begin a career in art?

Do you feel stuck in a creative slump with no clear direction as to where your art is leading you next?

Aside from college and university art programs there are few places--outside of the major art centers--where young or emerging artists can find the necessary feedback to help them thrive. The internet makes this much more feasible than in the past, but it can still be tough to work on one's art in the hinterlands.

Tyrus Clutter has lived in some of the most rural parts of North America, as well as in one of its creative centers. As a college professor for over a dozen years he has assisted countless emerging artists in determining their creative direction, career goals and affinities, and place within the art world. As an arts administrator he is connected to an expansive network of artists, historians, critics, collectors, and curators throughout the country. And beyond this, he has maintained an active studio practice all the while.

If you are struggling in your creative endeavors let Tyrus coach you through your challenges. His extensive knowledge of art history and contemporary materials and practices can be harnessed when critiquing your work and emerging or changing style. His subtle interrogations can help you recognize patterns and behaviors that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

If you have access to email and can provide digital images of your work (both finished and in progress) you are well on your way to beginning this process.

All it takes to begin the process is an email conversation. Send your name and general location, a brief educational and art career history, and no more than three small (72 dpi and one megabyte or less) jpeg images of representative work to the following email address. Please include a couple sentences about what you hope to achieve through this process and write "creativity coaching" in the subject line :

Consider what some other artists have had to say about the role of Tyrus's feedback and processes in their own artmaking:

Talking with Tyrus about my practice has been rich. He is not one of those who projects his self and sensibilities, but is able to listen to the work. He is not one of those "Rah-rah, yeah man just keep going!" but can challenge the work. I think this is in part because of his sense for art history and grasp of western spirituality and aesthetics.-- Craig Goodworth

Tyrus Clutter has an excellent eye for art. His years of experience as an artist, gallerist, and educator make him an invaluable source of information. He offers insightful comments about artwork and theory and is a great person to go to for feedback about your artwork.-- Allison Luce, MFA Hunter College

Tyrus Clutter has a perfect grasp of the importance of community and relationships as a vehicle for success in art practice. His support of contemporary, emerging, and working artists through mentorship and blogging offers valuable resources for young artists and great opportunities for connection for artists at all stages of their development.--Amy E. Day, MFA School of the Art Institute, Chicago

Tyrus Clutter also provides consulting to churches and other organizations interested in the visual impact and subtleties of the worship experience. Check out his recent projects and find out more about Mr. Clutter's Worship and Liturgical Consultation.

Tyrus at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.