framing demos:

The videos presented here cover the process of cutting wood stock and assembling a simple wood frame, finishing one of those same wood frames, and then measuring and cutting a mat for a work on paper. This is the entire do-it-yourself framing process from start to finish.

Students who wish to attend Tyrus' annual framing workshops prior to the Student Juried Exhibition need to watch all these videos before attending one of the workshops. This will help you understand both the time and materials needed to frame works for exhibition.

Cutting the beveled matboard, backing board and plexiglas for a work - hinging the mat and artwork - fixing the matted work in place - sealing with backing paper - affixing hangers and hanging wire.
Covers the steps to sanding and coating a wood frame, and adding a stained finish if desired.
Building a simple wood frame: ripping a rabbet in the length od wood, cutting mitred corners, glue assembly.