>17 exhibition:

These images are from the premier exhibition of Tyrus Clutter's Greater than 17: the art and influence of Stanley William Hayter and Atelier 17 at the Webber Gallery on the campus of the College of Central Florida.

The exhibit, from Clutter's private print collection, boasts over 160 works, including an engraving plate by Helen Phillips and photographs of Phillips and Hayter. Also on display are exhibition catalogues that Professor Clutter has utilized for research while gathering the works over twenty years and for writing the essays for this exhibition's catalogue (which can be found here.)

Some shots are from the reception when Professor Clutter spoke on his process of "Collecting Art on a Budget," one of a series of five lectures accompanying the exhibit. Photos from the reception and lecture courtesy of Tommy Cuevas.

Individual images from the collection can be found on this website.