St. Stephen's Mural:

Mr. Clutter was commissioned for this project for St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Ocala, Florida in the Fall of 2012. The topic was the Stoning of St. Stephen, the first martyr of the faith. Clutter chose to include another saint who was present at the death of Stephen--St. Paul. Of course, his name was still Saul at that point and he was one of the chief persecutors of early Christians.

As with most of Clutter's painting, and like the mural for St. Anne's, the imagery was developed over text. The biblical account of Stephen and several prayers from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer were applied to the panel before the paint. Several passages can still be deciphered through the paint layers.

The lower photograph is the artist with the donors for the project on the day of the mural's installation and dedication.

Click on the PDF icon to the right to download an article about the mural published in the Central Florida Episcopalian in March 2013.